Jay & Diana G., Kennebunk, ME

Now that we have had almost a year to enjoy our new home in Kennebunk, we wanted to thank you for all you did to make it so spectacular… from lighting to temperature control, from televisions to security, really makes and defines our house. Our Control4 system is really cool. We are still amazed that we can control the entire function of the house so effortlessly from any device, even when we’re in Texas.

Two things we especially enjoy are the motorized shades and the television system. The ability, with one button, to open up an entire floor and capture the views has been better than we could have ever imagined. And the ability to record and watch any show from any television at anytime is so nice. No more sports only in the living room!

Zeb, we sincerely appreciate all you did to make the project come together. You were there from start to finish, and you were involved in all aspects from planning to installation. And, so importantly, you were available at all times to answer questions and offer suggestions. Please know your patience and understanding with a generation unfamiliar with the technology did not go unnoticed.

Zeb, again thank you for your part in making our house so special for us. Please know you are welcome anytime in our home, especially if you want to “show off” your work.

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