Jeremy K., Berwick, ME

I am excited to write this letter telling you why you should absolutely choose Zeb Beal for your home theater installation needs or any work, really.

I am a working creative professional in the television business and my expectations are sky-high for my viewing needs. Additionally, I have recently begin restoring an historic and massive 1830’s farmhouse and needed a home theater that would be extremely discreet until I wanted to emerge. Basically a screening room hidden in plain sight.

Zeb met and exceeded my hopes and expectations. He designed and built a movie screening room that appears out of the ceiling at the press of a button and looks and sounds as good as any home theater in any film studio executive’s home. It is a seriously stunning system—and Zeb did it while respecting and working within our budget.

The best part of the experience? Having Zeb around. He is a professional through and through. He has very high standards and works hard to meet them. But it is his personality and calm presence that is clearly a boon to any job he is on.

You would be lucky to have Zeb working on any project you’re considering him for. He is an absolute gem.

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