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Home Audio Systems

Let the concert begin – at your house.

Surround Sound

Surround sound is a must have in today’s media room or home theaters. Most people avoid this game-changing experience because they are concerned about all the wires showing between components. Our expertise at Downeast Audio Video allows us to run wiring between locations with little exposure. to locations without being seen. We have learned different methods to “fish” wire in pre-existing construction without cutting into any sheetrock, flooring, or ceilings. We also offer wireless solutions for those impossible to reach areas.

Sound Bar

Sound bars are a great modern solution for getting excellent sound in a small package. They enhance the fidelity of any TV. They also work well in media rooms or surround sound situations where separate speakers cannot be placed due to aesthetics or space limitations. Sound bars can be mounted directly underneath the TV, helping to hide all cables and wires. Sound bars give you a nice clean look without sacrificing sound quality. We also carry wireless sound bars that serve as music streaming devices as an added bonus.

home audio systems

2-Channel Audio Systems

Multi-component stereo systems remain very popular. Turntables, CD players, and high resolution streaming services are also part of home audio systems. Here at Downeast Audio Video, we have many 2-channel audio products, for any budget. We offer many lines of amplifiers, preamplifiers, tower speakers, turntables, CD players, network streaming components, high end cables, power conditioners, and furniture specifically designed for audio systems. Believe us when we say we can hook you up with the best sound for traditional components.

Whole Home Audio / Distributed Audio Systems

Whole home or office distributed audio systems can be achieved with wireless or hardwired speakers. There are many options when it comes to whole home audio. These systems offer incredible sound, and make it very easy for the user to control the system from anywhere in home, office, or on the deck. Popular streaming services like Pandora and Spotify can easily be integrated into these systems so you don’t have to sacrifice your playlists and apps.

We can also install Outdoor Music Systems!