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Lutron Controlled Lighting & Shades

Beautiful Light. Intelligent Shades. Powerful Controls.

Create customized experiences in any room or outdoor space with Lutron products. Choose from lighting controls, smart dimmers, shades and blinds. Control lighting throughout your home, or just certain areas. The wide range of products and styles available fit any design and taste, blending seamlessly with current fixtures. Very easy to use, they work in homes of all ages, and can be scaled to fit your changing needs.  

  • Add Convenience
  • Create Elegance & Ambiance
  • Design Scenes & Moods
  • Improve Energy Efficiency
  • Increase Security & Safety

Controlled Lighting

Sometimes referred to as smart lighting, automated lighting control systems allow you to personalize how light performs in your home – in the palm of your hand. Lighting automation is more than just convenience and ambiance. It will improve your home’s security and safety, and increase energy efficiency. On top of these valuable benefits, you will also enhance the style and feel of your home. Controlled lighting solves important concerns of today’s homeowners, and offers a unique way to automate this important element of your home.

A controlled lighting system integrates devices that control a variety of lights in a single room or throughout an entire home. From room lighting to accent and ambient fixtures, these systems can be linked to your home’s Wi-Fi network and remotely operated via smartphone, tablet or another device. These products also easily integrate with other home management systems and smart home devices.

Shades & Blinds

lutron app - control lighting and shades from mobile device

Made from sustainable materials, Lutron shades and blinds allow you to precisely control daylight – all at the touch of a button. These ultra-quiet window treatments provide UV protection, enhance sunlight usage, and add privacy and security.

Controlling the natural light in a home has tremendous impact on energy consumption and efficiency. With a controlled shading system, you can utilize daylight to meet the needs of your home and save energy. “Winter warm” opens shades to take advantage of warming sunlight during cold months. “Summer cool” blocks solar heat gain to conserve cooling energy.

Your Home, Your Lifestyle, Your Safety

Monitor and control lights indoors or outdoors. Open and close shades at certain times or randomly, Adjust temperature and other appliances for convenience and efficiency. You can stay in touch with your home, from anywhere that you might be.

  • Personalization
  • Scheduling
  • Voice Activation
  • Geofencing
  • Look Like You’re Home, Even When You’re Not
  • Control from Anywhere

Enjoy the convenience and security of managing lights and shades on your schedule, from wherever you are.