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Networking & WiFi


The foundation of any modern home audio video system is a solid network and Wi-Fi system. While there are wireless as well as hardwired options for home networks, we prefer to hardwire when possible for the most dependable connections. Since many networking and WiFi systems are retrofits in existing homes, we pride ourselves on our creativity and careful installation so as to not cause unnecessary damage. We offer very powerful Wi-Fi boosters, as well as robust routers, to handle the needs of homes with busy networks.

WiFi Installation

Careful placement of Wi-Fi access points is key and getting good coverage throughout your home or business. Our careful planning in the design stage of any new project is the key to providing a strong network and Wi-Fi structure. Our goal is to have every area of your home or business covered so that there is little chance for lapse in your Internet access. Our many years of experience in the field helps us figure out the best way to get those Wi-Fi access points to the most challenging places.

Remote Management / Network Monitoring

Along with our reliable network and Wi-Fi systems, we also offer a remote management package. This allows us to monitor and manage your network without having to physically visit your residence or office. Our clients find this very convenient and oftentimes we solve a problem before our client is even aware there is one.

Low Voltage Wiring

Home networking, entertainment, audio and security systems require low-voltage wiring. We are fully licensed for low-voltage wiring installation. As part of our design process, we determine the locations of wall jacks consisting of coax for cable or satellite TV, data cable for hard wired Ethernet, computer or printer locations, telephone or any other low voltage options. In retrofit situations, we are often able to “fish” wire to certain locations depending on the construction of the building. With years of experience, we have a lot of success getting low-voltage wiring throughout your home or business with little disruption.