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5 Myths About Upgrading Your Car Stereo System

Having the facts will help you make the right choice for your car audio system.

When looking into a new car audio system, the average consumer will come across a lot of misinformation. There are many different beliefs and approaches for making upgrades to a car stereo system. With so much conflicting information, we know it can get confusing. Having the facts will help you make good decisions about what to do, so we want to clear up some common misconceptions.

Here’s a look at the 5 Most Common Myths about car audio systems:

You have to get rid of your factory radio.

This might be the #1 piece of misinformation that we find people are lead to believe. This makes getting a new car stereo system installed sound like a big headache and major overhaul of your dashboard, doesn’t it?! Well, you actually do not have to get rid of the radio that your vehicle came with! A factory car stereo system can be upgraded, leaving the factory-installed radio in place. New integration pieces available allow us to keep your factory radio, and all interior functions (GPS, satellite radio, steering controls, USB/Bluetooth, cameras), but connect into it to add new components like amplifiers, speakers, etc., while using the same controls in the factory radio.

Upgrading Your Car Stereo System

There are many factory integration components available that are designed to modify the current radio and sound system for just about every make and model out there. We can add any number of new components – amps, subwoofers, and speakers – to your system while working around your factory radio. We can also enhance what you have with various system expanders such as iPod and Bluetooth adapters, satellite radio, and CD changers.

Just changing out interior speakers will improve the sound quality dramatically. Adding subwoofers for bass, a small amplifier (which can be stashed almost anywhere so you can’t see it), can all make a huge difference in your stereo system.

You have to sacrifice the appearance of your dashboard.

Whether you change out your factory radio or not, the “look” of your dashboard and interior can stay very consistent (or look even better!). Our goal is to always make a new car stereo look like it belongs in your dash. There are component options that can match existing dash illumination colors and schemes, for example, making it look like it came right from the factory.

When we add components, we install speakers, for example, in factory locations. We don’t have to drill holes in the dashboard, doors and elsewhere. Our goal is to improve the overall sound in your vehicle without taking away from the appearance.

You will lose a lot of interior space.

If the idea of upgrading a car stereo system brings to mind big, boxed woofers sitting in the back windows, we’re happy to tell you that things have changed dramatically! New sound components and stereo features these days are extremely small and can be tucked into existing audio and speaker cavities, or elsewhere behind-the-scenes of your vehicle’s interior. While sometimes a component is mounted on an interior surface, they are small and there are cases and mounting materials that keep storage space and surfaces neat and unimpeded.

New equipment should never hamper factory functionality. Typically, we use spaces you don’t need or use for other things. Equipment can be installed underneath seats, and within cavities so no space or comfort is compromised.  You can still enjoy full leg room, and all your current storage and cargo areas. We don’t install anything in centers, and put everything off to sides and out of the way. There are available product enclosures to keep what is mounted in the interior out of way and invisible.

You will have to look at a lot of unattractive add-on equipment.

Because new parts for sound equipment is much smaller than it used to be, they can be placed very discretely. In most cases, new equipment is installed behind the scenes, in interior cavities. When equipment needs to be installed on interior surfaces, we have many options for encasements that are designed for specific makes, models and colors so they blend seamlessly with a vehicle existing interior. You either won’t see them at all, or the installation packaging will go perfectly with your existing interior so you won’t notice them.

You will have to spend big bucks to get good sound.

There are many ways you can have your car audio drastically improved without breaking the bank. First, often by simply upgrading one element, like adding an amplifier, you will get much better sound. Also, upgrades and improved components can be added in stages – you don’t have to do everything all at once. You can start with one improvement that will give you the most bang for your buck, and then plan additional upgrades from there over time.

Upgrading car stereo systems isn’t like hiring a contractor, where you should get as much done at once as possible to save money (while my walls are open I should update my electrical). You are paying for installation time, so doing one component at a time works out to the same cost whether or not you are adding multiple improvements at once or not.

Let’s start with one piece at a time! We don’t have to do everything at once. We can start with front speakers, then add rear speakers. Or begin with a small amplifier for sound improvement, then move onto speakers later.

We want your new system to look like it came from the factory with the rest of your vehicle – just not sound like it!

There are a lot of components on the market today, and many ways to go about improving the sound quality and stereo options in your vehicle. We will talk with you about what you want for sound quality and your budget, and help design a new system that meets your needs.

Trust the Car Stereo Sound Experts at Downeast Audio

Our car audio specialists can design custom installations for your car audio system. So whether you just want to upgrade your speakers, or you want to upgrade the whole system, we have the tools and expertise to install a new, better-sounding audio system in your car.

Contact us to discuss your options for a great sounding car stereo system.

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