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8 Reasons to Install an Outdoor Sound System

If you love to relax on your deck after work or entertain outdoors on summer weekends, an outdoor sound system might be perfect for you. There are so many advantages to investing in an outdoor system, and it might not be as expensive as you may think.

Because they are designed for outside use, outdoor sounds systems function far better than standard systems.

Outdoor sound systems deliver a wide array of benefits. Not only are they far better looking than dragging a speaker outside every time you want music, but they will operate more dependably and deliver better sound.

Provide More Uniform Sound

Unlike standard speakers designed for enclosed spaces, outdoor speakers provide more high-quality, uniform sound. Outdoor equipment can deliver consistent, quality sound even with distractions such as wind. A regular sound system is not designed to compete with the amount of background noise that exists outdoors.

Can Withstand Harsh Outdoor Climate Conditions

Since they are designed to be outdoors, naturally, they can withstand changing climatic conditions. Large temperature fluctuations, wind, pouring rain, and ongoing moisture variations won’t impact the performance or life of outdoor equipment. This high durability means your investment will last for many seasons of enjoyment without needing repair or replacement like standard equipment would.

Compliment, or Even Disappear in Your Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor audio systems are designed, both in physical appearance as well as installation techniques, to blend into the natural landscape. Speakers come looking just like real rocks or stones, or with profiles that do not interrupt surrounding architecture or garden displays. Because they are specifically meant for outdoor use, they can even boost your outdoor aesthetics, appearing as garden ornamentation or lighting fixtures. Indoor equipment looks out of place when used outside in your landscape.

Easy, Bluetooth & Wireless Operation

Most outdoor speakers are wireless, using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to operate. So operation is in the palm of your hand using your smartphone or handheld device. No need to keep going from inside to outside to control your system. Outdoor speakers can also be connected to the speaker system for your home theater, or an outdoor projector, so you can enjoy movie night outside. We even have outdoor speakers designed to float, so you can use them in your swimming pool!

Less Intrusive – to the Environment and Your Neighbors

When you haul a speaker from inside to outside on your deck, you have to crank the volume up since they aren’t designed for outdoor acoustics. With an outdoor system, speakers are strategically placed only where you will be listening to them, so you only need a moderate volume for great sound. We also designed outdoor systems so speakers are directed only toward your entertainment space, not your whole yard, so they omit uniform sound and are less intrusive to the neighborhood.

Increases Home Value

Since an outdoor sound system, just like creating comfortable outdoor spaces, boosts the aesthetics and comfort of your home, they also increase the value of your home. Today’s lifestyles are very technology dependent, and more focused on home environments, so buyers are looking for a new home that is already wired for creature comforts – inside and out.

Affordable Price Ranges

There are many options when it comes to outdoor sound systems. They can also be added onto so you don’t have to do everything at once. You can work within a budget, and still achieve a quality system that will last many years while protecting your indoor equipment.

Make Your Own Entertainment

One of the biggest benefits of an outdoor sound system is that it provides entertainment for you, your family, and friends while you are enjoying your yard. You can host parties and celebrations, have a special outdoor dinner soiree, work event, or have pool parties without having to hire a professional DJ or rent an outdoor speaker system. On any given day, you can relax while you listen to your favorite playlist.

Downeast Audio Designs & Installs Outdoor Systems

We offer a full range of outdoor sound and audio equipment to set your yard up for ultimate enjoyment! CONTACT US to start enjoying your outdoor spaces more this summer.

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