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9 Things Homeowners Need to Know About Home Theaters

If you enjoy watching TV, and love movies but prefer the comforts of home to watch them, a home theater would be just perfect for you. Our specialty is home theaters for all tastes and budgets, and we want to share some important things you should know about a home theater or media room.

We Can Install a Great System on Any Budget

We give people a fantastic home theater experience at home on pretty much any budget. While you can choose all the bells and whistles, we are happy to install simple surround sound systems in living rooms. We always install speakers and components so they are invisible. With just your TV screen visible, you can enjoy a theater experience at home with a great design and the highest value products. Whatever level of system we install, it will sound fantastic and be very impressive!

You Can Go Totally Custom

Maine custom home theater

Our full-service team offers all the services you may need in one place to create a totally customized home theater experience. We do custom cabinetry and woodwork for a built in system that blends with your décor. Floor, wall and window treatments for any design and to achieve optimal acoustics. Room and furniture layout for the best media experience. And of course, a system designed with the latest and greatest audio and video equipment available on the market.

State of the Art Sound

You know that feeling when the movie starts at the theater and you can feel the sound all around you? We will make that happen for you at home! Media equipment only sounds as good as the tuning. We use the best calibration equipment available in the industry, and take the time to measure sound quality from various points in the room. We will dial in the sound for prime seating positions, and set the surround sound so you feel like you are in the jungle of Jurassic Park – is that a Velociraptor behind you?!

living room theater

System Components will be Invisible

When you walk into your home theater, all you will see is the TV screen. We install all our speakers and components within the walls so the system is essentially invisible. This help integrate your fabulous home media center with your current décor style so there is no disruption to your interior style.

Simple to Use

When we leave a project, our client fully understands their new system and knows how to use it. We want you to experience everything your home theater has to offer, and be comfortable hosting movie night at your house. We’re also available after installation to answer your questions. We also offer a maintenance program so we can make sure your electronics and software is up to date and working properly.

How About a Theme?

We’ve done some fun themes for media rooms! Some examples of themes we’ve personally worked with clients include Star Wars, a tribute to Hollywood, the French Renaissance, and even one made to look like you’re in an old pirates ship! The custom home theater options are endless, so consider having getting creative with your room.

Work with Our Team or Yours

We’re very flexible when it comes to designing a home theater that works for you. We are accustomed to working with our client’s contractors and designers, so we work very well with other teams. And, again, we also have all the resources you may need for a fully designed home theater room. The options for resources makes getting from planning to enjoying your new media room fast and simple.

Maine Home theater

Enjoy All the Advantages of a Movie Theater

We go to a movie theater to see images on a large screen and to hear sounds generated by a high-tech audio system. It’s not cheap or easy anymore to go to the movies. If you take your entire family to see a film in a theater, the cost of tickets and refreshments can put a big dent in your budget. After running around to work and school all week, staying comfortable at home in your PJs is very appealing. With your own home theater, you can enjoy the full experience of going to the movies – big screen, amazing sound and all!

Downeast Audio Video is Your One-Stop-Shop for Home Theaters

We design a home theater tailored to you – your budget, your style, and your audio-video preferences.  Our goal is to bring your vision to life. No matter how simple or how fancy – we’re the company to work with!

Contact Us to discuss what the home theater experience might look like at your home.

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