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Samsung OLED TVs – Affordable Quality for Every Home

We’ve always loved Samsung products here at Downeast Audio. Now, the introduction of their new OLED TVs offer the latest and greatest in picture quality, color and contrast. Better yet, at prices that are affordable for almost anyone.

Samsung TVs consistently receive some of the highest consumer rankings for quality and customer satisfaction. They were ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction, Product Quality, and Service Quality in the 2022 American Customer Satisfaction Index surveys.

We know Samsung TVs are great quality because we have sold them to customers for years, and use them ourselves!

What is OLED Anyway?

OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode. It’s one of the newer TV and digital display technologies available on the consumer market. OLED technology uses millions of pixels that emit their own light, eliminating the need for a separate backlight. LCD and LED TVs always have the backlight on, making colors and contrast less sharp and true. The millions of  self-illuminating pixels, basically ultra-fast switching tiny lights, creates nearly limitless contrast. 

Without a doubt, the OLED TVs are the best display panels on the market today.

Compared to other TV technologies, OLED offers:

  • Faster refresh rates, which is better for fast-moving action scenes.
  • Vibrant colors, bold contrast and more accurate color rendition.
  • Dramatic sound quality.
  • Wider viewing angles for easier group viewing.
  • Lower energy use.

Super Thin Profile

OLED technology allows for thinner, lighter, and more flexible displays than the LED technology we are accustomed to. The thinner frames have a lot of visual appeal, allowing the TV to have less of an impact on the overall design aesthetic of a room.

Picture Content “Comes Alive”

OLED technology is described as making content leap off the screen. Picture quality is optimized to make whites brighter, and blacks deeper and crisper.

Whether you’re streaming an HD movie, gaming, watching live sports, or enjoying your favorite shows, you’ll experience sharp resolution and high performance.

Downeast Audio Has a Samsung OLED TV for You

We’re really excited to carry these TVs in our showroom. We stock a variety of sizes, ranging from 55” to 77”. We can help with installation and set up at your place, or you can purchase a TV outright from us to take home.

CONTACT US now for great viewing this weekend!

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